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Home Inspections

Some people call this a “structural” – which is old fashioned and inaccurate terminology.  A structural inspection is only one component of the full inspection we perform and provide. Our residential inspection services are performed in strict accordance with the N.J.A.C 13:40-15 (New Jersey Administrative Code)

When making a large purchase, your first priority should be a thorough inspection. We view a house or building as a system with components and items interacting, interfacing, and affecting each other. The inspection and report covers all visible and readily accessible structural, mechanical, and other building systems and components. An in-depth inspection of the average single family home takes 2.5 to 4 hours, larger houses take longer. We don’t rush off to the next inspection, it takes what it takes. We cover hundreds of points at every inspection. Accept nothing less.

We use sophisticated state-of-the-art instrumentation, and testing equipment where applicable. Our wealth of experience provides you with one of the best field inspections possible. Insist on nothing less.

We encourage you to accompany the inspector to get a first hand view and explanation of existing conditions. The operation and maintenance of the systems of the building and components are explained. This will increase your comfort level and eliminates you sole dependence on the written report. Questions are answered during this time (and throughout the home buying transaction). Our service does not end with the delivery of the report. We are available for free consultation after you move in.

Available online with your password 2-3 days following your inspection.

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The written report is 22-28 pages with an executive summary, styled in layman’s terms and provides you with a depth of information and explanation for an understanding of the condition of the house.

The report is easy to follow and categorized into individual sections and indicates:

o  Items and systems inspected

o  Description of systems and components

o  Items and systems not inspected and why

o  Material defects – A condition, or functional aspect, of a structural component or system that is readily ascertainable during a home inspection that substantially affects the value, habitability, or safety of the dwelling, and can include:

o  items or systems not performing their intended function

o  Items or systems which are significantly deficient

o  major cost items for repair or replacement

o  Other defects and deficiencies

o  Potentially damaging conditions

o  Items or systems in need of repair

o  Required and deferred maintenance

o  Need for small repairs

o  Suggestions for improvements

o  Suggestions for modernization of obsolete areas or systems

o  Significance of findings

o  Recommendations for repair or replacement as needed

o  Recommendations to obtain cost estimates as needed

o  Need to obtain further inspections, if necessary

o  Need for destructive testing, if necessary

A Foremost Property Inspections’ report is like a custom homeowner’s manual, an invaluable source of information to refer to for years to come. Just ask our past clients. Our past clients are our present and our future clients.

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