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Commercial Inspections

Commercial inspections tailored to meet the needs of our customers; we can inspect a single system such as a roof, or do a full building condition assessment.  Depending on the size and complexity of the building, we may employ a team of qualified experts in the appropriate fields (roofing, HVAC, electrical, etc.).

Our team of inspectors include licensed home inspectors who are also certified members of ASHI, NJ code certified inspectors, state licensed building contractors.  Our company acts as team coordinator and is the sole informational source point.  Commercial Inspections are based on and meet the Standards of Practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), modified for specific Client’s requirements and for commercial use.

The types of commercial inspections we can provide include:

  • Pre-purchase Inspection (Due Diligence)
    This is a complete building inspection performed to the level of detail required by the purchaser to aid in making an informed purchase decision.  A pre-purchase inspection includes the performance, age and condition of the roof; the mechanical systems including heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems, the building structure including the foundation, floor, wall and roof framing; and the building envelope including roof, doors & windows, and exterior finishes.  The inspection gives you the important information about the building and potentially costly repairs before you take possession of the property.  The inspection helps aid you in budgeting for major capital expenditures by providing the age, and typical remaining life for major building components.
  • Consultations
    This is an inspection of one or more specific systems or components, providing a professional opinion of condition.  These can be performed to provide you with information pre-purchase, building leasing, insurance, or maintenance.  We can help to evaluate contractor’s bids for construction, component or system repairs or replacement.  This inspection can provide documentation of building conditions prior to leasing.
  • Pre-Sale Inspection | For Sellers
    This is a complete building inspection, performed to the level of detail required for a seller, prior to listing a property. Pre-sale inspections can aid in determining what systems or components need repairs, alteration or replacement prior to selling, and help gain an understanding of issues that may come up during a buyer’s bidding and building inspection process.  This is also useful as marketing tool and can help to price the property properly.
  • Maintenance Inspection | For Property Owners or Lessee
    Periodic inspections of the building and contained building systems and equipment for those who do not have a full-time maintenance or engineering staff, or for those who require outside expertise for building system evaluations. These inspections are valuable in identifying conditions for early detection to prevent potentially serious or costly repairs.  These inspections can help to aid in budgeting for major capital expenditures by providing the age, condition and typical remaining life for major building systems or components.

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